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Instagram is made of amazing Pictures which are posted and upload on the app by the users. And honestly, there were couple of times when I felt the urge to view in full size the profile picture of the user.

Instagram doesn’t allows the users to view the Insta Dp in full size on the app, but to solve this problem we made a platform where anybody can view Insta DP of any user in Full size and even download it. Instagram even stores your old profile picture. When you remove or update your Instagram Display Picture it isn’t removed from their server. It’s still there.

So, we made a platform which can fetch the data from Instagram’s server and view the image in the original format the end user had. Now, you can easily view anyone’s Insta DP in full size HD and you can also download Instagram Profile pictures in completely HD format.

Also, you don’t need to worry about anything else, we comply with Instagram’s privacy policy and there’s everything safe and no harm in seeing anyone’s Instagram DP in full size.

How to View HD Instagram Profile Picture & Download

To access our platform go to and there’ll be a button where you’ll require to enter user name, type profile you want to download the DP of without @ and then click on submit.

Once you submit you’ll be redirected to another download page of the website and there you’ll be able to find the Display Pic of the user you were looking for. Our platform is completely free as of now. And there’s no limit you can keep viewing DP of as many users you like.

This tool grabs the latest profile picture from any Instagram User Profile (Private/Public).